3000 years of Water Treatment History

In the 21st century modern societies have adopted the use of water filters to protect people from poor quality water which can create public health risks.  Even the ancient Egyptians knew the value of water filtration, as there is a record of a water filter device draen on the wall of the tomb of Amenophis II in Egypt.  The Egyptians were experts in hydration and used sand filters to improve drinking water quality, knowing that water quality was the key to maintaining the health of the population.

Not much has changed in 3000 years of water filtration development, the water utilities and councils are still using sand filters to treat water, however they are more sophisticated and automated.  What has changed is the use of chemicals in modern water treatment. Overwhelmingly water utilities use chemical treatment to control pH adjustment, sediment removal, bacteria control and aesthetic quality.  Additionally many utilities will add fluoride to the treated drinking water and this may not be a desirable for many consumers.

The ancient Egyptians knew that water purity was essential to maintaining good health and vitality in the human body. The quality of the water that you drink determines how well your body will be able to nourish the cells of your body. It will also determine the ability of your immune system to respond to disease and attacks by parasites and bacteria which are present in the environment. Lastly the level of atmospheric pollution and water borne diseases is increasing in urban communities so it makes sense to protect your body from these threats.

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