Five Ways to Boost Your Health With Water, Part 2

Brain Power – How to Keep it Going Strong

I’ve commented before that dehydration causes poor decision making and confusion.  A recent study in India looked at soldiers who lost varying degrees of body weight due to induced dehydration.  Mental performance was measured at anywhere between 1-4% of body mass loss with significant mental deterioration registered in maths and short term memory after 2% of mass loss was registered.  The human brain requires even more more water ~85% to operate effectively and even a small loss of 2-3% can have an effect on capacity.  In cases of severe dehydration the body will sacrifice water from the lower body to maintain the moisture content of the brain.

Dutch research has also disclosed some interesting facts of the effects of hydration on headaches.  Clinical tests were carried out on 18 people with histories of migraine headaches. They were advised to consume an extra 1.5ltrs per day for 12 weeks or were administered with placebo medication.  The final two weeks of the trial produced some surprising results in that those who drank more water reduced the total number of headache hours by 21. The data suggested that the reduction in the total number of hours and the intensity of headache episodes was a result of increased water intake.

Not thinking clearly or feeling like a headache is approaching? Drink some pure water and hydrate your way to better health!

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