Five Ways to Boost Your Health With Water, Part 3

The heart is a major organ of the human body and it is sustained by the correct blood flow into the cardiac muscles.  Without this blood, the cardiac muscle is compromised by a lack of nutrients and oxygen as well as the reduced removal of wastes and toxins.  Water is the ultimate solvent in the blood combining with many solutes like sodium to form plasma which is the isotonic base of blood supply system.  Even mild dehydration can cause problems with blood supply to important organs such as the brain and the heart.  Medical evidence suggests that even a 2% loss of water in the blood can lead to serious symptoms like blood thickening.

Severe loss of sodium or water from the blood, due to exercise or lack of hydration can cause symptoms like dizziness, nausea and hypotension.  A thickening of the blood makes the heart work harder to deliver the necessary oxygen and fluids to critical areas of the body like the brain and heart.  Ingesting water regularly maintains the blood volume and manages the transport of nutrients, minerals within the vascular system to all parts of the body.  As an example, when marathon runners are pushing their bodies to extreme limits they frequently ingest water to maintain blood volume to ensure peak efficiency and speed.  Correct hydration allows the muscles in the body to contract easily so like many other muscles, the heart muscle needs water to function properly.

Proper hydration of the body can be achieved by drinking 2-3 litres of water daily to maintain the water volume of the blood.  If you are exercising, then increase your water intake to account for the water you will lose through the skin in sweat.  As always, make sure that the water that you drink is pure and as free from chemical residues as possible.  So nourish your heart today and start hydrating your way to better health!  Want more information or advice, FREECALL PurePro on 1800 850 416.

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