Inorganic Minerals in Drinking Water – Are They Good For You?

There is a lot of debate about the value of inorganic minerals in drinking water.  However, the science is quite clear that inorganic minerals are simply not able to be absorbed by humans or for that matter any animals. Over sixty years ago a German scientist named Abderhalden conducted many experiments which conclusively proved that the ingestion of inorganic minerals produces no benefit to humans. It is in fact true, that mineralising water with inorganic compounds improves the “aesthetic” taste quality of drinking water.

What is also true is that pure water does exist in our world and it is known as “Rain”.  Pure water can also be produced by processes like filtration, reverse osmosis, distillation and deionisation. Each of these processes has an effect on the quality of the water and the water will never be as good as naturally produced rain water.  However pure water produced by a process can be beneficial to humans, so long as the body’s daily nutrition needs are met by eating a balanced diet.

Here are some websites which will help you understand the inorganic vs organic mineral debate.


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