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In January 2005 members of a team from the Sunshine Coast flew to Cebu Island in the Philippines to research the opportunity to carry out the installation of a water purification project.  The project equipment was funded by the members of the Coolum Beach Christian Family Church and in 2009 another team of four men travelled to Cebu on a self funded mission to install the water treatment project. The project design, procurement and international transport and customs clearance was provided by PurePro.  The hardest part of the project was actually getting the Cebu airport staff to release the equipment from customs in PI, but that’s another story, and a rather long one at that.

The project was quite difficult to implement because of a number of factors. The proposed borehole site was inside the Inayawan compound which is located next to a municipal landfill.  The groundwater which drains the landfill is heavily polluted with heavy metals, hydrocarbons and bacteria.  The borehole was drilled by a local contractor and was approximately 38mtrs deep and lined with a 100mm pipe.  The contractor had left a 38Mtr x 50mm galvanised tube in the borehole and just removing this piece of metal was quite a task in itself!

Because the resources available to the team were quite limited, members of the team scoured the landfill for usable materials and we were able to construct a makeshift drum to run the bore pump pipe, cable and steel wire rope over. We installed a single phase, multi stage Grundfos borehole pump and began pumping water immediately.  After a couple of hours the water had cleaned up considerably and the TDS level measured in the bore water was below that of the available tap water at the site.

On day three the team constructed a tank stand and Reverse Osmosis system mounting platform, and Ultra Violet disinfection system. The final part was the assembly of the reverse osmosis system, sand filter and pipe work connections to the bore pump.  To our amazement the RO produced water at 30ppm of TDS from the moment it started processing the bore water.  We tested the local bottled water which was over 120ppm so it was obvious that the system we had installed was creating the purest water on Cebu Island at that time!  The Inayawan community is still using this system for their drinking water and it continues to be valuable and safe
resource for an otherwise poor third world community.

This project is a tribute to the Cebu missionary Foundation team led by Lucy Ellen and her amazing back up crew.I am also grateful to Tom Daniels, Ps Steve Nichol and Nathan Dearling for their assistance in making this project a reality.  Oh and who can forget the Inayawan team and all the smiling faces of the kids and their families. What a pleasure it was to serve such a deserving community.

Steve Brassington – Managing Director, PurePro Water Purification

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  1. Joe Auyer November 3, 2011 at 3:34 am #

    I just finished reading the article on a small project undertaken in Cebu, PH. Sponsored by Coolum Beach Christian Family Church in 2009. I am going to reside in Cebu, PH and would like to know if you provide a system that will render a public water system to a healthy standard for drinking water for a private residence?

    • purepro January 18, 2012 at 4:47 pm #

      Hi Joe and thanks for your comment. The circumstances that exist at the proposed residence will define what sort of water purifier you are able to use. Most Cebu residences have low pressure water supply with a gravity tank supplying the household distribution. In this situation you will
      be limited to using gravity filters to process the water. If however you have a pressure pump then more sophisticated solutions like
      carbon block purification or reverse osmosis may be possible.

      Send us an email when you get established and we’d be delighted to recommend a solution.

      • david payne January 15, 2013 at 7:23 pm #

        dear sirs i am in process of commisioning a water filling station in
        atop-atop bantayan island cebu the mains water when available
        chlorinated dug well 700 ppm can you advise filtration method to minimise damage to membranes of machine many thanks

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