Summer Hydration

Well spring has sprung in Australia and already the temperature is rising.  Most of the population is now coming out of its winter hibernation and beginning to feel the urge to exercise again so the streets are full of walkers, joggers and push bikes.
It is possible to fall into poor hydration habits during the winter months making it hard to restart the body’s metabolism when a new or unfamiliar exercise program is begun in a warmer climate.  Poor hydration during winter convinces the body to store more water and that often  causes some weight gain, that in turn makes the start of a new exercise program just a little bit harder.  An adequate supply of purified water for hydration is an absolute necessity for anyone considering an exercise or weight reduction program. Other forms of liquid beverages, though delicious and tasty, are unlikely to produce the same health benefits as purified water.

Ensuring that your body is properly hydrated at all times will prevent weight gain from water retention and support the restart of exercise programs that will generate a higher metabolic rate allowing quicker weight reduction.  Make sure that the water you consume is purified, as it will also help your body adjust to increased exercise regime by being quickly absorbed into the bloodstream and beginning the process of cellular nutrition.  Pure water aids the transport of nutrients via the bloodstream to every cell in the body enabling nutrient transfer into each cell and efficient removal of wastes and toxins for disposal.  The higher rates of pure water absorption also help dissolve important electrolytes in the bloodstream to provide the fluids necessary for maintaining an appropriate body core temperature during exercise and limiting the potential for dehydration or overheating.

Remember that pure water will help cleanse the body, however it is only one important part of managing your health and wellbeing. At PurePro we can advise you on all aspects of water quality and the benefits of different types of water purification and treatment systems. PurePro has a complete range including drinking water dispensing water coolers, filters, purifiers, reverse osmosis systems, alkalisers, for all applications such as domestic, caravan/motor home, commercial and industrial customers.  Give PurePro a call today on 1800 850 416 and we’ll give you the right advice on your drinking water needs.

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