Water! It’s already being recycled

Many communities is Australia are very concerned about the possibility of
the local authorities using water recycling techniques to protect
water supplies from depletion during drought. In fact many communities
around the world are already using water recycling successfully to
reduce their water dependency, where they have to purchase water from a
neighbouring state or country. Singapore is a very interesting
case where they have used modern reverse osmosis technology to convert
tertiary treated waste water into a high quality drinking water
supply. Even in these circumstances most households in Singapore would still
protect themselves by using a simple carbon water filter
as a "back up" in case anything goes wrong with the water processing plant.

Even in Australia water is being recycled.  Waste water treatment plants
along the Murray River discharge treated effluent in to the river
which is then pumped out for potable water treatment plants downstream,
including Adelaide!  Adelaide has the saltiest and most turbid
potable water supply of any capital city in Australia so a water filter is
almost a necessity for every household.    Water is so essential to
your health, it is always wise to use a water filter as an insurance policy
in case the water authority gets it "wrong" or a natural disaster
causes unforeseen damage, like the recent Brisbane floods.

Call PurePro if you need advice on how to protect your health by improving
the quality and affordability of your drinking water.

Enjoy water!

Steve Brassington


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