Your Health Still Depends on Water

In a world where increasing air pollution and land degradation are having an impact on drinking water quality it is important to remember that the impact of these issues can affect everybody.  Recently during testing of a tank water system PurePro discovered that a client was suffering health problems caused by copper corrosion of the household pipe distribution system.  The dissolved copper was absorbed by the client through both drinking water and through the skin whilst showering. The onset of these debilitating health issues came about in less than 12 months of exposure to the dissolved copper problems.

Many rural properties suffer from the same problems brought on by the fact that rain water is becoming more acidic because of airborne pollutants like carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide, which produce acidic compounds when mixed with water.  Understanding your drinking water quality is a fundamental issue if you wish to maintain your health.  Low pH water can cause a number of health issues but there are many other potential contaminants that can affect your health.

Some of the most commonly documented contaminants are endocrine disruptors called pesticides and herbicides.  These are mainly either airborne from agriculture or in dam, river and stream water supplies in rural areas. Others like Fluoride, chlorine, are deliberately added to public water supplies by water authorities to reduce bacteria counts or to produce some other perceived health benefit.  In reality many of these chemicals are toxic in larger dosage and many people are allergic to even minute doses in public water supplies.

The message in this article is about understanding the water quality of your own drinking water supply.  Your drinking water might look crystal clear in a glass but there are many potential dangers which you need to be aware of.  If you are in doubt about your drinking water quality consult your local water authority for a typical chemical analysis.  If this is not available have a professional draw a water sample and then it can be analysed at a commercial lab to check for any potential hazards.

Remember that the quality of the water your drink has a direct affect on your body’s ability to continue to nourish every cell in your body.  Your body is actually made up of approx 75% water, so improving the quality of your drinking water allows your body to regenerate effectively.

It’s a universal truth – your health still depends on water.

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