Feeling tired? Drink water!

Water’s ability to maintain the hydration balance of the human body is usually limited by YOU. In this modern age all consumers are constantly targeted by advertising telling them that manufactured beverages are the thirst quenching answer when people are thirsty. Unfortunately these advertisements are primarily designed to increase sales of beverages at the expense of the your hydration. There is no denying that a sweet manufactured beverage tastes good, but is it really going to satisfy your thirst? It is entirely possible that the beverage you consume may in fact lower your hydration and make you tired.

Water is the ultimate thirst quenching solvent which is absorbed by the bloodstream almost immediately upon ingestion by humans. All other beverages contain a mixture of ingredients which must be processed and filtered in the human digestion system before the water in the beverage can be used by the bloodstream to deliver nutrients to cells and remove the waste products. The ingredients used to flavour a beverage will determine whether it is acidic or alkaline further complicating the digestion and absorption function.  Minor quantities of substances like alcohol or caffeine create even more havoc because these ingredients are in fact diuretic which help remove more water from the bloodstream when it most needed.

The simple truth is that water is the most important substance for the correct function of the human bloodstream and ultimately the hydration of all the cells in the body.  Continually depriving the body of reasonably pure water will result in damage to the major organs of the body. Two examples of these problems are; when the skin is deprived of sufficient moisture is will change colour, become less flexible and be more prone to attack by bacteria, secondly when the water content of blood supplied to the brain falls below 85%
decision making is affected.  In severe dehydration circumstances where the percentage of water in the brain falls below 82% other symptoms, like hallucinations, may present themselves.

The most obvious of all dehydration symptoms is the yawn.  A yawn usually indicates that the body is a little oxygen deprived and the most likely cause of this is minor dehydration.  A reduction of blood volume can easily produce a slight lowering of oxygen supply to the brain setting off an automatic reaction called, a yawn.  So next time you arr driving and feeling a little weary pull over for a drink of purified water.  If you really must have a coffee then buy a bottle of purified water to drink afterwards to keep your hydration at the correct level.  If you are tired, drinking water will have an immediate beneficial effect on how you feel, so drink up and feel good.

Sound advise from the PurePro Team