PurePro is a distributor for Waterways and Desal Systems products and services in Queensland.

PurePro specialises in solving complex water treatment problems with cutting edge technology solutions.

From iron removal softeners to saline waste water treatment systems PurePro has the answer for your industry.

PurePro provides water treatment solutions for the following industries:

  • Bore water treatment systems for agricultural or domestic use
  • Reverse Osmosis systems for potable water plants
  • Coal mine and coal seam gas produced water treatment
  • Mine Camp and Municipal waste water treatment
  • Mine Camp and remote site drinking water purification
  • Industrial water treatment, boilers and steam systems
  • Printing industry water purification
  • Purified water production for bio chemical operations
  • Waste water treatment for truck wash systems and contaminated workplace clothing laundry applications

PurePro is a distributor of NEPSUS Waste Water Treatment systems for the Advanced Water Group Pty Ltd.

The NEPSUS Waste Water Treatment Plant Technology is a 21st Century solution to packaged waste water treatment.

Image 1.0  Fontana USA 450Kl/day WWTP

Image 1.0 Fontana USA 450Kl/day WWTP

The NEPSUS Technology has the following Features and Benefits:

  • Flexible operation modes to suit varying occupancy, waste water loading or staged development
  • Only build what you need today and add capacity as the project grows is size
  • Size range of 20Kl/day containers to 20Ml/day modular systems with a turn down ratio to 30%
  • Up to 45% less capital cost to install
  • Over 45% less cost to run the plants
  • Unique solids removal and disposal system with add ons like; Chlorine dioxide Disinfection, UF modules, Super Heated Steam Dryer
  • Accelerated organic digestion system with biogas production for power generation is also available above 2Ml/day of waste
  • Class A ready effluent disposal or further processing for recycling as irrigation water or third pipe supply
  • Class A+ effluent quality available with add ons like Chlorine Dioxide and UF water treatment
  • 90% less electricity usage per Ml/ of water processed
  • Virtually zero GHG emissions of CO2, NOX and NH4
  • Fully instrumented for online monitoring and control
  • Unique Anammox Bio Tank that converts NH3 and produces N2 and H2O

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Call Steve Brassington at PurePro on 1800 850 416 for a presentation on this amazing technology or click here to view a presentation.