Water is a precious commodity and purified drinking water is becoming a necessity in urban and rural communities. Everybody is faced with rapidly changing water quality brought on by climatic change and pollution. Everyone is a water user and they are beginning to understand the value of purifying their own water to guarantee the quality of the water they drink. By making this decision they are able to improve the health, wellbeing and lifestyle of themselves and their family.

After fresh air, water is the second most important substance required by the human body for survival. It makes sense to put a high priority on drinking water and there is a growing need to service the water purification market with unique products and great service. Expressions of interest from potential licensees in regional areas of Queensland and parts of New South Wales are available.

is offering potential licensees the following:

Access to the PurePro trademark (with conditions)
Access to PurePro labelling, branding and brochures
Access to PurePro intellectual property
Exclusive access to premium, Australian Standards approved, water purifiers and cartridges
Attractive preferential pricing for the PurePro range of goods
Product training and catalogues
Guaranteed geographic territory
Access to PurePro website and licensee listing
Access to introductory products and specials
Potential conversion to franchise after qualification

If you are interested in owning and developing a dynamic business opportunity in the rapidly growing water purification and treatment market, contact us.