Water Purifiers


The three most fundamental substances for human survival are air, water and food.  Failure to supply any of these three basic needs will result in a rapid deterioration of health, leading to death. The human body cannot survive without air for more than three minutes, without water for more than three days and without food for more than three weeks.

It should also be noted that any pollution or quality problems with these three fundamental substances will also lead to health deterioration over time. As water quality is the second most important issue for good health it stands to reason that we should be drinking the purest water available.

Every naturally occurring water source (even tank/rain water) supplying humans with drinking water contains some contaminants generally absorbed from the atmosphere or land mass. Additionally, chemicals are introduced by the water industry to control bacteria and remove sediment.

Water – Hydration and Health

Tank Water

Even tank water in Australia suffers from pollution and it is quite common for tank water to be lightly acidic and to be carrying bacteria. Water purification and pH correction can be easily accomplished using standard products that will return the water to within World Health Organisation recommendations.

Town Water

Drinking purified water and proper hydration is good for the health of the human body. You must decide whether the acceptable risks, as determined by public authorities, of adding chemicals to the water supply is also acceptable to you. Town water is monitored by the local water authorities however in the end no one is taking final responsibility for the purity of  water delivered to your home or business. Town water quality varies dependent on rainfall, public usage (volume) and treatment plant operation parameters. Purifying water at the point of use controls the quality, provided that the water purifier cartridges are regularly maintained.