Waterways CC1-S Carbon Filter

$67.00 inc. GST

This design and function of the CC1 is truly remarkable and technologically advanced. Waterways CC1 cartridges incorporate 3 stages of sub-micron filtration for combined maximum performance.


Quad Action – Better Water, Four Ways

The CC1 Quad Action Filter works four ways to give you better water!

  • Removes Heavy Metals – The electro-static outer wrap removes harmful heavy metals and pollutants
  • Removes Bacteria – The pharmaceutical inner stops bacteria such as Ecoli getting through
  • Removes Dirt and Sediment –  So you get water that’s crystal clear
  • Removes Organics and Chlorine – The 0.45 micron filter takes out organics, chlorine, trihalomethanes, etc

Note: CC1-S WaterWays Filter Multi-Pure sub micron carbon block filter cartridge, is a screw in type.

These filter cartridges only suit filtration systems that have a screw thread in the head of the filter housing.

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